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Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website

There are a number of benefits of using WordPress for your website. F5Buddy a leading offshore WordPress development company provides high quality WordPress development service. WordPress has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and there are a number of reasons for the growing popularity. Some of these benefits are as follows: 1. Easy and Fast Installation: The application called Fantastico DeLux helps you install Wordpress with maximum ease. 2. Plethora of Themes: There are a large number of themes on Wordpress that you can choose from. Wordpress 2.9 allows you to search and upload themes directly from your WP dashboard. 3. Great Functionality: The good thing about Wordpress is that you can have a whole new website without actually being a coder. You can build a website right from the scratch and similarly this comes in very handy when you are looking to build micro-websites. 4. SEO Friendliness: The structure of Wordpress is such that it is extremely SEO friendly and you do not have to worry about having your website externally optimized for search engines. Blogging is an absolute favorite for search engines and Wordpress allows you to do that. 5. Security: The security of your website is one of the most important factors and Wordpress offers great security. Certain plug-ins tighten the security and keep hackers at bay. The best thing is that you easily navigate through the whole WP environment with maximum ease and can you can use templates to design a fantastic website in a matter of few hours. This is perhaps the one most important reason why WordPress has become so popular.
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Benefited of WordPress Customization- F5Buddy

It has been more than 7 years now when WordPress is operational and it has seen a tremendous make-over in these years from a blogging site to a full-fledged website making tool. There are millions of websites using it and the great flexibility and easiness of WordPress Customization tool is certainly one of the prominent reasons of it. The beautiful combination of widgets and templates can help in customizing the websites without knowing programming languages. It is a great thing to use this customization up to the fullest extent and take the maximum advantage! Key advantages of WordPress Customization! a) Give your website an identity: Customization allows a great flexibility to you and by using different themes and styles; you can give a face to your website. There is no limit for the creativity and imagination you can apply to make the website attractive and lively. b) Fortification of the content: Customized designs help you in show casing the content in the most appropriate manner. You can select and use themes going in tune with the field your website is for and underline the subject for better visibility. c) Unlimited choices: WordPress customization can provide you literally limitless options and you can have the perfect professional appearance for your website. d) Technical aspects: Apart from the aesthetic points, there are aspects like browser compatibility and flexibility can be achieved through WordPress customization. Your website can be accessed using any of the popular browsers without any disruption. WordPress customization has provided one more reason to choose this flexible and easy tool to design your website!
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OpenCart Offshore E-commerce Website Development Services- F5Buddy

Ecommerce is something that is growing at an exponential rate and the World Wide Web has become the virtual marketplace for one and for all. Online shopping has many benefits like more choices, cheap prices, convenience of shopping at any time of the day and many more and it is due to these reasons that the popularity of online stores is increasing day by day. Having an online presence has become a necessity in today’s world and hence, more and more organizations are looking for the most effective ecommerce solutions to reach out more and more customers regionally as well as globally and improve their sales and profits. All these have been fueled by the use of smartphones, 3G networks, tablets and the likes. OpenCart is one of the most popular and preferred ecommerce solutions that is available in the market. It is an ‘out of the box’ solution and hence preferred by many developers and highly recommended for retailers of all sizes. All that is required is downloading and installing the software in the system and choosing your shopping template. Numerous features can be added to improve the functionality of OpenCart CMS platform. Many ecommerce website developers offer you offshore OpenCart development services and if you are looking for cost effective ecommerce solution, then these developers are your best choice. There is a lot of competition in the ecommerce industry and it is really important that your ecommerce website maintains its uniqueness to stay ahead in competition and attract more visitors. There are many benefits of OpenCart as with OpenCart you can have multilingual support in your website to cater to global customers and you can also install various themes and modules to improve your website’s functionalities. You can offer you visitors an enriching shopping experience and with OpenCart offshore development, all these are guaranteed when you choose the right developer.
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OpenCart or Magento- Which one should you choose?

OpenCart or Magento- Which one should you choose?

There are many programming solutions that you would come across for your ecommerce website but it is essential that you choose the right one. Magento and OpenCart are both free and open source software but most developers are opting for OpenCart and there are many reasons behind it. Here are some of the reasons behind it:

  • OpenCart is user friendly and is software that is very easy to install, manage and administer. This only means that even if you are very less technical knowledge, you would be able to manage your ecommerce store. The control is easy to deal with. Magento on the other hand is quite complicated and you would need some amount of technical knowledge to manage it in the beginning.
  • It is easy to setup and moreover it takes lesser time to install and configure OpenCart as compared to Magneto. This also means that the cost required to setup OpenCart is less than Magneto and developers would charge you less when you opt for OpenCart.
  • OpenCart module development and OpenCart extension development allows to add numerous features to a simple OpenCart CMS platform and that is one reason why most prefer OpenCart. This allows your ecommerce website to get customized easily as PHP is the programming language. In fact with OpenCart you can add on any functionality to your website and this is possible with Magento and most other open source software.
  • OpenCart is the best available solution for big and medium sized business and can offer the right break for the beginners. It can be customized to suit the need of large business as well.
  • It also offers free upgrades and support and is amongst the fastest growing ecommerce solution available from an open source and without the backing of any large organizations.
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Makes waves with your online store with Prestashop

Makes waves with your online store with Prestashop

E-Commerce is the key to survival for businesses so much so for a business to run in full swing, it needs to be online. If you are selling something online, your shopping portal needs to be lucrative, funky and out of the box to draw the attention of today’s customer. Prestashop offers attractive solutions and facilitates the development of websites that are fashionable and scalable. Opting for Prestashop development services for your shopping site would result in a feature rich and flexible website that is responsive as well.

What Prestashop can do for you?

When you opt for Prestashop development, you get the following advantages:

  • Prestashop templates have a lot of styling options
  • Customization scope
  • Dynamic and responsive design
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Wide range of themes that cater to varying budgets (free to premium)
  • Feedback, review and rating of products
  • Provision for customer forums
  • Good User Experience

Roping in an expert Prestashop developer for your shopping portal could thus be beneficial; you get a very good platform online that is both credible and reliable for your business.

Customization options with Prestashop

As stated earlier, with Prestashop e-commerce development, there is a lot of customization scope and this is possible because of the platform’s custom templates feature. Free and premium templates are also available in the platform and the premium range features quite a lot of templates. However, with a custom template, you can design the look and feel of your store just the way you envision it and there are no limitations! Could you ask for any better? Getting an expert in Prestashop to work on the custom templates would be a good option as custom templates require a lot of coding and the degree of complexity involved is high. And this is exactly why there is a lot of flexibility here in terms of design. If you wish to translate your ideas as such on to your website and they don’t quite fit into the premium template designs, you should opt for Prestashop customization services.